Our secret recipe
for a killer wedding?

more is more

No, we're not talking about spending more money or more time on your wedding.

we're talking about intention

There's one thing about weddings that everybody dreads.

Yeah, making sure it looks pretty is important, but what’s more important? The little details that take your event from just another wedding to an intentional experience that stands out. 

Our signature planning process focuses equally on presentation and experience. By prioritizing intentional details over aesthetics, we can create events that feel like a true celebration of love. 

Picture this: it’s your wedding day, and everything is going smoothly. The weather is spectacular, you and your wedding party are dressed to the nines, and you get *the perfect* first kiss photos. 

Way too soon, the night is over, and when you’re cuddling up with your partner in bed, eating the leftover desserts that were packed up for you, you realize - you didn’t have a single meaningful conversation with your guests. 

On wedding day, your attention is pulled in every direction, and it’s nearly impossible to mingle with your guests. You’ll barely have time to thank everyone for coming! 

We hate that. 

Going through the whole day without being able to share your appreciation with the people who show up for you the most? No thanks. 

If only you could make the celebration last longer…

introducing our signature service

The Wedding Weekend Experience

Here’s the thing: if you’re having a wedding this year, you’re likely already planning additional events and details for your guests. Welcome parties, goodbye brunches, and other events are becoming staples for weddings. 

Take it from us - these events are usually the last thing couples get to. And by the end of the planning process, with wedding day quickly approaching, these details aren’t likely to get your full attention. 

Our Wedding Weekend Experience flips that process on its head. By beginning the planning process with your guests in mind, it’s easy to incorporate details throughout your celebration that will make your guests feel extra loved. 

here's how our process works

Ready to get this planning party started?

First things first: we’ll learn everything there is to know about you, your vision, and your must-haves for your wedding weekend. We’ll gather all the info we need to start planning a killer experience. 


getting to know you

We’ll help you nail down your venue and all of the vendors that are most important to you. But don’t worry - we won’t leave you to do all the research yourself. We’ve got a list of vendors we know and trust to get you started!


very important people

Time for all things glitter and gold. Or not! In this phase, we’ll focus on the aesthetics of the event - everything from color scheme to decor.



Alright, we’ve got the details of your event and the people who will make it happen. Now we focus on tying everything together!



Leave all the heavy lifting to us and enjoy your wedding weekend! We’ll be onsite to check in with vendors, ensure all spaces are set correctly, set up personal details, and keep your events on time. 


time to celebrate!

I thought I had most of it all handled, but when it came down to the fine details, I don't know what I would have done without Plan On It.

"Plan On It ATX....WOW is all I can say!! Shelby is amazing at what she does! She was SO organized and thorough and has an incredible understanding of the industry! I honestly don't know how I would've pulled off my wedding without her. I'm still in awe of how much she accomplished while I was able to just sit back and relax on the day of the wedding. She is incredibly easy to work with, professional, and has a genuine passion for all things wedding. You'd be silly not to work with her!”


just take it
from our clients

We've got the A's to your Q's

Do you create custom packages for unique weekend experiences?

This is our specialty! We create full weekend experiences so you and your partner can spend quality time with the ones who love and support you in your new stage of life!

Will we actually enjoy the planning process?

how much should we expect to invest in a wedding planner?

Do you travel outside of Austin?

Yes, we do! We have coordinated weddings all around the state. A travel fee will apply to any event more than 45 miles from Austin. Travel fees vary based on the scope of service and your individual needs. 

Do we work with just one planner the whole time?

Yes! Our goal is to give you the best client experience possible - which means you will have one point of contact throughout the entire planning process. Behind the scenes, we work as a team to achieve wedding planning magic - but your lead planner will always be your main squeeze!

How much time should we expect to spend planning? 

If we don’t need full service planning, can we hire you to do specific tasks?

Absolutely! We love helping you wherever you need it. We are available hourly to help you with specific tasks throughout the planning process. 

How many planners will be here on our wedding day?

All wedding packages include one lead and one assistant coordinator. Your lead planner will be assigned immediately so you have a consistent point of contact throughout the planning process! We assign assistants to each event quarterly, so you will know before your final walkthrough who will assist on your wedding day.

Do we have to book the vendors on your preferred vendors list?

All of the vendors on our preferred list are there for a reason! We have worked with them enough to know they consistently provide amazing services to our clients. That being said, if you find a vendor you are in love with that is not on our list, we only ask you to run them by us before you hire them!

What happens if there’s an emergency and our planner can no longer be there on wedding day?

We have a plan for that! One of the huge benefits of hiring a planning company with a team of planners and coordinators is that you don’t have to worry about emergencies! If your original coordinator cannot lead your wedding day, we’ll have another team member step in and execute your day without a hitch.

More questions? We've got you covered.

If there were any problems during our big day, I didn't notice because Shelby was on it. I trust her 100% and recommend her to everyone.

"We chose Shelby for our wedding coordinator after seeing her do an excellent job with my sister's wedding. Shelby was absolutely perfect, 10/10!! She made sure everything was in order, I honestly didn't do a thing. She was extremely organized, professional, honest, creative, smart and fun! During set up for the wedding, we had a little hiccup when our chargers were not placed on the table, Shelby spoke with the venue coordinators and like magic chargers were being placed on the tables. She truly was a blessing and without her on our big day, I would not have been able to do it. If you are wondering who to go with for a coordinator, Plan On It ATX is it! The price was excellent and well worth it. Thank you Shelby for everything you did! Our wedding day was perfect!”


just take it
from our clients

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