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Hey there! Welcome to Plan On It Events & Design! We help engaged couples get relief from wedding planning overwhelm and create guest-centric, weekend-long wedding experiences. 

Quick Question: how many hours have you already spent planning your wedding?

We bet it’s more than you’d like to admit. 

We understand your pain - wedding planning is a daunting task. All you wanna do is get to celebrating! 

But with a task list longer than a CVS receipt, celebrating seems like a whole lifetime away. 

We’re here to help you strip down your to-do list to the essential tasks, so you can, we dunno, actually spend time with your soon-to-be life partner?! Sounds like a waaayy better use of your time.

Focus on the fun things, like daydreaming about what you want your day to look like. We’ll handle everything else. 

The only thing I would have done differently is hiring Plan On It for the entire wedding process!

"We are extremely grateful for Shelby! We hired her as our day of coordinator and she was awesome. We had a large wedding that lasted all day and night with many ceremonies and traditions that took place. Because of Shelby’s great planning skills everything went smoothly and we enjoyed every moment of our wedding. She is very personable and easy to talk to, but most importantly she is detail oriented. We appreciated that Shelby communicated with us regularly the months leading up to our event. And on the wedding day, we felt at ease knowing Shelby was in charge, making sure all of our wedding dreams came to full fruition.I highly recommend Plan On It ATX!”


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from our clients
This is the celebration of a lifetime...
so why have it last only one night? 

We specialize in weekend-long wedding experiences that will wow your guests and make them feel like they’re truly a part of your wedding celebration. 

our  speciality ?

weddings that feel like a vacation for you and your guests

Here, we do hugs instead of handshakes. Because you’re trusting us with one of the most important parties of your life, and we take that so seriously. 

Can we make your dream wedding a reality? Heck yeah. But we also wanna ensure you have a *stellar* experience, and that means making sure we’re a perfect fit. Get to know who we are and what matters most to us - besides curating an unreal wedding experience, of course! 

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planning process

vision casting

What are you dreaming of? Perfectly-curated details? Delicious food? An unforgettable party? Don’t worry about logistics just yet - get lost in the possibilities for a while. 


Cherry-Picking VIPs

You’re only as good as your team, and we’re here to ensure that team is killer. We’ll nail down the most important details for your day - date, location, and in-demand vendors. 


Planning to Perfection

Once we’ve got a vision and a team to make it happen, it’s time to get our hands dirty. We’ll check in when we need to, but otherwise - enjoy that newly-engaged bliss! 

Shelby is the absolute best! From day one during our initial consultation, I felt so at ease putting things in her hands as our Day of Coordinator. 

"She really took the time to listen to our vision for our big day and making sure everything played out perfectly. She knew that as we got closer to the big day I would be busier and more stressed with work so she kept me on track in advance and provided so much helpful information! I am such a controlling person to the point that delegation does not exist in my vocabulary but I had no problem whatsoever having Shelby take care of our big day. I'm a pretty anxious person so knowing she was taking care of all the logistics, keeping us on time, and making sure everything at the end of the night was taken care of allowed me to focus on enjoying our day and I'm so thankful for her. I CANNOT recommend Shelby more! Do yourself a favor and book with Plan On It ATX!”


just take it
from our clients

let's get you where you need to go

Grab your partner and a glass of wine and get ready to snoop - we don't mind! Hear directly from our couples and view the *to die for* photos from their weddings! 

Choosing a planner is a BIG decision. Get all the deets you need about our planning packages, learn more about our process, and read through our FAQs.